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Javascript Rules!

Anyone who wishes to build an app may build one easily and inexpensively by using javascript, css, and html. Such an app will run on on any platform: Windows, Macintosh, and mobile devices. The effort to learn javascript, css, and html is minimal and free web tutorials on these topics are available on the internet (for example at https://www.w3schools.com/ ). Industry Standards efforts have had beneficial effects: the app you write will work the same way on any platform and browser. The emergence of cloud computing has made web hosting free or cheap.

This is the dawn of a new age in computing in which web content is built by many people who are not technology professionals. History supports that notion that possibility spawns reality, witness the explosion of Wordpress. The earlier model of servers powered by various languages, Perl, Java, PHP, ... (with steep learning curves) has been eclipsed by Javascript becoming both a client and server language. Nodejs has allowed Javascript to jump from client to server.

Nodejs (https://nodejs.org/en/) is the development that enabled that leap.

We present here servers with various capabilities available for download. The capabilities include sending email and accepting credit card payments. We also present instructions on acquiring domain names, ssl certificates, and cloud compute instances, testing your app on your laptop or desktop, and transferring your code to the cloud.

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